A man with a mobile phone digital visualizing a artificial intelligence

Top AI Trends in 2018 and how IntellectFaces Adopts it

Robots that can perfectly comply with the tasks and orders assigned by humans have always fascinated humans and driven them to innovate and invent better versions of Artificial Intelligence. Sky-rocketing breakthroughs in the field of AI have become a common occurrence whose advantages have touched every field from health care to Automation.

Artificial Intelligence covers many major interlinked technologies like the following:

These technologies are used in one way or other interlinked with one or more of the other technologies to establish a trend in an industry. This is what is called an AI trend. Some of the top AI trends that are taking over the world in every industry are mentioned below.

Intelligence beyond imagination-Design Thinking:

Until the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, Design thinking has been a matter of fail-safe methods where testing the ground for new ideas were more vital before launching of these ideas. With the help of innovative AI Design thinking in its cognitive form, embracing eccentric ideas on the basis of success rated generated by the tool is more practical and legible.

IntellectFaces has opted on some major trends in design thinking which are:

  • Space for creativity with the influence of AI and the time it has saved in creating breakthrough innovations.
  • Impact of AI in Design thinking has made us innovate to create more inclusive code and employ inclusive coding practices.

Value-based Conversational AI:

For all the e-commerce based websites, the reality of good business is all based on the tight competition between themselves in acquiring the maximum amount of customers on their website. This can be promoted effectively through a conversational AI as a chat-box that provides lively interactions with every customer and clarifies their doubts, making their experience on the website easy.

IntellectFaces has utilized many major AI trends in this field like:

  • All of our aided websites are using voice-enabled interfaces existing on the dashboards of every system.
  • We build great customer experience with artificial intelligence chat-bot where customers can speak with intelligent software that can provide the right answers.
  • Voice-based AI is the most upcoming AI which is increasing the comfort level of the customers. Many brands are opting for conversational AI for everyday dealings with their customer. In the near future, this AI is expected to eliminate all keypads.

An Understanding of Artificial Intelligence:

Analyzing the behavioral aspects of various actions of people acting upon simulated triggers of emotions is the new trend in AI. Prompting meaningful actions based on these perceptive responses and influencing the human behavior for social goals is the upcoming trend in the Behavioral understanding of human intentions.