a group of children wearing virtual reality boxes

Benefits of Bringing VR in Education

The technology was expected to aid people in their jobs, but now it has evolved into becoming man’s best friend in every aspect possible. The field of education is no less in utilizing advanced technology like Virtual Reality for the purpose of better education.

Video content:

A whole new dimension of education has been made into reality by the use of virtual reality in the field. There are many benefits of using virtual reality in the field of education; one of the best is the use of 360-degree video via VR.

With just a few lenses combined with elegant technology, the 360-degree videos can be used to easily interact with students in their classrooms.

Chris Nash, Head of Community at Discovery Education UK, believes that 360-degree virtual videos are personal field trips for students without having to actually travel. The pupil can be transported to places and ages which previously, could have only have been picturized by the mere imagination of the pupil. It may be outer space alongside the astronauts, or in the depth of the ocean escaping the jaws of sharks, anything can be viewed at first hand with VR.

VR engages a better sense of purpose to the viewers allowing them to make a better connection by giving them a sense of presence amongst the variables of the video.

Benefits of VR:

Let us now look into some benefits of Virtual Reality in the field of education

Promotes Active Education Experience:

The 360 Degree virtual reality Education promotes a healthy active education system wherein the students can clear all their doubts while in close proximity to the ongoing lesson. This also promotes immediate attention to every student which is very useful in today’s world of minimal attention span.

Gains Undivided Attention:

There can be many factors that can fully or partially distract the student from the lesson. With the help of Virtual Reality, this can be avoided as the device gives a confided cone of attention zone which cannot be overlooked by the student. Moreover, the video can captivate the total attention of the student making them give undivided attention to the device.

Helps in the understanding of complex subjects:

Students who are transitioning into higher standards will face the introduction of complex subjects and theories like some physical concepts, nuclear chemical reactions, and their aftermath etc. These can be better understood by viewing them through a 360-degree virtual reality device. This will not only simplify the understanding process but also make an everlasting impression on them.

Helps evoke empathy in young minds:

The age of students is the right age for differentiating between the good and the bad in the world. Imparting educational videos in VR can make an impact on them on the importance of empathy. Videos like the harmful effects on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, videos on the sad effects of plague massacre can impact good empathy on the students.

VR for every Language:

As the videos can be made available in every language, the virtual reality videos can be viewed by students from any country speaking any language with proper translation.