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Everything You Need to About G-cloud 11

Security is considered to be the priority and the most crucial factor for G-Cloud Framework. Let’s see in-depth details about G-Cloud11 framework.

What is G-Cloud?

G-Cloud is one of the public sector organizations framework in the UK and it’s the place where the users purchase the services of cloud computing. G-Cloud framework suppliers can advertise an extensive range of cloud support services, cloud software or cloud hosting services. There are more than 25,000 suppliers at present on the framework of G-cloud. It is considered to the effective way for any public sector enterprise to find the cloud-based services which they know that is trusted as well meet every significant security requirements.

The working mechanism of G-Cloud 11  for Public Sectors:

Many services have improved their IT spending due to the substantial digital transformation across the public sector for the past few years. The G-Cloud framework brings enormous advantages to public services like, they need not invest in legacy systems or costly infrastructure with long contracts and outdated technologies. The public sector gets the best powers of these cloud-based services whenever they need them. This approach makes sure that the public sector is receiving top-notch and suitable solutions for the penny they spend.

The G-cloud framework is an agreement between the cloud services suppliers and government. Procuring services via a framework is more effective when compared to the managing and posting individual and multiple contracts. G-Cloud framework services are classified into three crucial lots namely cloud software, cloud support, and cloud hosting.

Apart from these, cybersecurity services are also one part included in the G-Cloud frameworks, and it’s easy to apply to sell cyber security services along with the NCSC (National Cyber Security Schemes), and they include penetration testing, cyber incident response, and consultancy.

What’s new in the G-Cloud 11 Framework?

The G-Cloud 11, which is the eleventh iteration of G-Cloud has many new things along with extra requirements in Cybersecurity on the suppliers. When considering G-Cloud 10, they merely required that the suppliers took all type of reasonable and trusted endeavors to prevent malware and viruses. G-Cloud 11 comes with many stringent rules when compared to the G-Cloud ten frameworks. The suppliers will be expected to make sure that the available new software secures their selling products. It is good to see the commitment of G-Cloud’s to protect users amid too much cyber-attacks happening recently. There have been only a few pre-market engagements in the G-Cloud based on the stakeholders.

Few facts that you should know about G-Cloud 11:

  • The G-cloud framework is the services catalogs where the key terms have been agreed between both suppliers and government.
  • G-Cloud was incorporated in 2012, and it has generated more sales in recent years.
  • G-Cloud is open to any size of cloud suppliers.
  • The G-Cloud 11 framework is suitable for the shelf cloud solutions but not for bespoke development.
  • You need not to be based on the UK to be listed as the supplier on the G-Cloud framework.
  • The terms and conditions of the G-Cloud have many differences.
  • The G-Cloud spend data available publicly, and it is published by CCS quarterly.
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