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How to leverage RPA with IntellectFaces in the Healthcare industry to drive greater efficiency and improve patient care?

Traditional care providers and other similar healthcare industries are facing downside in revenues and profitability at present, and many disturbances are occurring with the conventional treatment due to the above issues. Everyone has turned to be digitally savvy and therefore its required for the care providers to focus more on the advanced technological solutions. Intellectfaces, the trusted Data Analytics and IT company in the USA make use of the Robotic Process Automation (RPA), the latest healthcare strategy with advanced solutions like easy access to the patient’s information from their admission to online scheduling, enhanced operational efficiency, strong focus on caring the patients and so forth.

According to the survey by Global Market Insights, Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) market will likely reach $5 bn by 2024.

Leveraging RPA with IntellectFaces:

Technology is considered to be more successful if the front, middle and back office operations performed more efficiently. Intellectfaces follows all these instruction in leveraging RPA to improve patient care as well as to enhance higher efficiency.

Back Office – Leveraging RPA:

There are strict rules followed over the process of finance, human resource, supply chain, in the back office and these are also the mandatory prime candidates for further automation.

The onboarding process is streamlined to enhance accuracy and efficiency by making sure whether the new clinical staff joined in the company can work without any delays in access to facilities and systems.

The second step in leverage Robotic Process Automation followed in the back office is that to take care whether the clinicians are looking after their patients with care without any facility accreditation risk or interruption by offering complete and faster access to certification, licensure and continual information regarding education.


Middle Office – Leveraging RPA:

The growing area of interest in the middle office is the RCM (Revenue Cycle Management). The total RCM spectrum is capable of constituting many different activities varying from Scheduling patients to claim reconciliation and submissions.

The process of revenue cycle is expedited by automating parts of the claims resubmissions, claims posting and verification process for the coverage eligibility.

Intellectfaces considers the ways of using these Robotic Process Automation in coding updates, charge capture, insurance data management and much more.

Front Office – Leveraging RPA:

The front office is also otherwise derived as the care delivery setting, which is considered to be an untapped area of opportunity with important characteristics for RPA applications.

The care management system, integrated for enhancing activities like case management process, and they focus on dealing with the clinicians, whether they spend their duty time taking care of their patients and as well as decreasing the administrative work.

The work done by Intellectfaces is fundamental as well as crucial to society. The disturbances that the traditional health care systems provisions and operating models face gets easily rectified with this Robotic Process Automation. Other technologies related to RPA start evolving in the coming years will be the best one to correct all the issues that are yet to come to the healthcare industries.

Learn more regarding leveraging RPA with future potential across the successful healthcare organizations and industries including real-world examples and experience with Intellectfaces.