A girl performing mathematics using a virtual reality box

The Future of VR in Education now a Reality

The magic of Virtual Reality promptly influenced many industries to impress people with new experiences. Experiences so real that they test the senses are tricked into believing into the existence of it in reality rather than it being virtual reality. While this is the case with the entertainment industry, other industries started brainstorming new ideas of using VR in their field. One such industry is the education industry. Virtual Reality has the power of changing the face of education system.

Reality via virtual eyes:

The feeling of experiencing something in front of our own eyes exhilarates more enthusiasm in the minds of young students. Imagination is always the best movie in your head, but some books fail to create such imagination in young minds. Virtual reality helps this make happen by bringing vivid motion pictures and images in front of every student while teaching them the structures of old Rome, Shakespearean era, wonders of the water world, habits of old- prehistoric creatures, largest living being to the smallest living cell. All these can be viewed at first hand forming long lasting memories in the student’s brain. Just like the amazement created in the lab while viewing an extreme chemical reaction, Virtual reality has the power of creating the same in all subjects. These virtual reality experiences will also help them focus on their area of interest and encourages them towards that path.

The Aid that tends to the Special needs:

The normal method of education might not always reach the students who need special attention. To them, teaching common things would be a challenging occupation that would drain the energy and patience of many teachers. Such teachers could opt for virtual reality aided method of education so that the students could grasp the concepts in a better way. Virtual Reality is a platform where every student is equally capable.

Empathetic and Traditional Teaching method:

Empathy is a feeling which must be inculcated at early stages of life to impart better conscience into the minds of the younger generation. The value of medicine can be better explained by showing them VR videos of people who suffered from a plague centuries earlier than now. This also gains respect on the profession rather than just a scare and ignorant concept.

VR experience shows more than mundane facts and makes the viewer empathize on the clip as if they are present in life at the situation. The students who gain such deep-felt knowledge are capable of making wiser decisions in the future.

The students from Asia cannot view the Shakespearean literature rather than just stories in an old English format. However, letting the students view a virtual real play of Shakespeare and the way the actors speaking humongous dialogues in a single breath while enacting an emotional scene will leave a more memorable mark. This also paves way for inspiration and appreciation to these golden age literature. These students will not just create better essays; they also get to witness an old culture at its peak.

Virtual Reality will help in molding the younger minds of this generation into better citizens of the future who can empathize with the situation and can take better-unbiased decisions.