How IOT is transforming gaming industry

How the Internet of Things is Transforming the Gaming Industry

The Internet of things has changed the way humans live by connecting appliances, electronics, and sensors to each other via the internet and local networks at large. It’s an excellent way for government, business, and individuals to seamlessly and automatically collect and share information on an unprecedented scale. In the case of gaming, it’s an excellent opportunity to communicate with the players via the highly rewarding and promising channels.

Internet of Things – An Overview:

The Internet of things is the current trend that numerous electronics devices like monitors, cameras, sensors, etc. are connected via global and local networks. Conventionally, we think the Internet as a network of devices which we communicate with on a personal basis like mobile devices, workstations, and laptops. The IoT is developed to be a perfect bond for the machine to machine communications, enabling small embedded parts to send information to another device without any need of input from one user.

The IoT is in peak and is expected to build a global network of self-reporting, automated, and evenly self-healing systems with the decreasing cost and increasing popularity of lightweight connected devices.

How IoT impact the gaming industry?

The IoT has the prospects to revolts against online gaming in different ways by combining online platforms with physical casinos and by integrating the physical gap between the player and the platform.

Combining Online Platforms with Casinos:

The first way the IoT can have a significant change in the online gaming industry is through the combination with the experience of real gaming. It applies to any game platforms like casinos that share a conventional player tracking system. For instance, with Gaming platforms like Casinos, the operator acquires good revenue in case a player is present physically.

To empower this, marketing customer outreach programs and marketing departments spend more time motivating their players to return to the casino via reward programs and discounts. The drawback of this approach is that it’s a one-way side, i.e., the game can be reached out to the player but the only feasible way to measure the outreach success or if the player returns.

With internet-ready platforms, the game operators and casinos have multiple tools to communicate with the players. The advantage of having slots or poker is more accessible for players to return without making any trip. It also offers a unique way, especially for the operators to engage with the players either implicitly via data collection and data analytics or explicitly through customer feedback or surveys. Apart from this, it also provides the best way for players to play continuously anytime and anywhere.

Jupiter Research, a market research company, estimates that the number of users in the mobile gaming market increased to 164 million users in 2018 from 64 million users in 2013.

Bridging gap between the player and the platform: 

The IoT is widespread at present due to the increased use of mobile devices. Tablets and smartphones hold an array of sensors like accelerometers, pressure sensors, touch, cameras, heart rate monitors, which applications in mobile can tap into the report and collect data regarding the experience of the users. Fitness bands and smartwatches engaged with mobile devices to track activity and health, display notifications, manage SMS messages, and manage calls right from the wrist of the users.

The trick with the online gaming industry platform is that they have to take off the data collection with the privacy of the players. When a player is trying to walk into a game platform like a casino, there will be a mutual understanding which the player can be tracked or monitored over the stay. The play area shifts to the player’s property from the property of the casino with the IoT, and there is a higher possibility for the relationship to become nuanced.

How can IntellectFaces help?

The Internet of Things cannot be compared to any traditional computer network. There are new usability concerns, performance, and security issues that aren’t apparent at the initial stage. Designing an IoT ready application or device needs a good knowledge of secure and ideal internet communications, user-friendly design, and stable software development.

IntellectFaces have good years of experience bringing mobile, embedded applications, and desktop from concept to market. Combining our knowledge of internet-enabled gaming applications and software development help you

  • Use reading collected from devices that are internet-enabled to enhance and customize every individual experience of the players.
  • Make use of the tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices to interact with players seamlessly and remotely.
  • Easily and quickly bring an internet-ready online application to the market.
  • Combine metrics to review player performance and perform analytics.

With IntellectFaces, you work with a team that understands your industry. You are working with an experienced team that recognizes and appreciates the current trends in gaming and technology. For more information on IoT transformation in the online gaming industry, contact us directly.