Business intelligence tools in market and how intellectfaces handles them

Top Business Intelligence Tools in the Market and How IntellectFaces Handles them

Business intelligence software and tools help businesses to gain insight into their sales trends, overall growth, customer behavior, enhance social collaboration, decision making and so forth. It offers the means of reliable and successful reporting via analysis of statistics, data, and analytics. Proceed below to check out the important BI Tools to improve your business in 2019.

At present, more enterprises have started adapting BI software for growth. The market for these BI tools is expected to expand further for more growth. The global BI software market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 7.1% between 2019 and 2021 and can reach a total of $32.4 billion.

Top Business Intelligence Tools in the Market and How IntellectFaces Handles them

We use top and efficient BI tools that can enhance your organization growth in 2019.

Yellowfin BI:

Yellowfin BI tool is one of the Analytics solutions that offers end-to-end Business Intelligence tools and designed for businesses across numerous industries. The tool also helps to analyze, access, monitor and understand data more efficiently.

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Features of IntellectFaces Yellowfin BI:

  • One can access the dashboard from any place like a company intranet, web page, mobile device and so forth.
  • Features like Mapping Mobile BI helps the customer to monitor and access data related to business.
  • The BI tools allow quicker and intelligent collective decision making.
  • The Yellowfin BI tool from Intellectfaces aids to support different decision-making process in your business.
  • With the help of Interactive Reports and Data-Rich presentations, users insights are made efficient and reliable.


The business intelligence tool instantly visualizes and analyzes disparate and big datasets efficiently. It is one of the best and unique tools for building a dashboard with numerous visualizations. SISENSE is also one of the top-notch leaders in the BI Market.

logo of sisense

Features of IntellectFaces SISENSE BI:

  • There are no tech skills needed for creating an interactive dashboard with SISENSE BI tools.
  • Queries Big Data and information rapidly.
  • User-Friendly Drag and Drop user interface.
  • Eye-Catching visualizations.
  • Capable of exporting data to different formats like CSV, EXCEL, PDF Images and more.
  • With the help of filtering and calculations, the SISENSE BI tool analyzes critical metrics efficiently.
  • Capable of building a single version of the truth with data.
  • Combines Unrealted datas  into a single centralized place.
  • Easy access to the dashboard from anywhere.
  • Ad-Hoc analysis of high volume data.


The integrated Business Intelligence software is an enterprise level system for server system or open client. It has fixed new and unique standards for offering intuitive business information management solutions.

logo of SAP

Features of IntellectFaces SAP BI:

  • The SAP BI tool offers transparent and flexible business solutions.
  • The SAP BI tool makes use of modular concept for the space utilization and easy setup.
  • The BI tool offers support for cloud deployment or On-premise.
  • Easy integration with both non SAP and SAP applications.
  • Any application designed with SAP BI tool is capable of integrating with any systems.
  • The SAP BI tool allows building next-generation database system which combines transactions and analytics.
    Easy data warehouse architecture.

Clear Analytics:

A timely and accurate business intelligence software that helps in fulfilling the organization needs. The BI tools offer exact extraction of a vast range of data from trusted sources and then presents in the form of professional reports.

logo of clear analytics

Features of IntellectFaces Clear Analytics BI:

  • The Clear Analytics tools offer software solutions which require less human resources.
  • Graphical Data Presentation.
  • Simplified issues indications.
  • The Clear Analytics BI Tool provides predictive analysis.
  • Eye-grabbing visualization.
  • Excellent Dashboard Creation.
  • Key Performance Indicators.
  • The BI Tool helps in building a strategic plan.

MicroStrategy BI:

An enterprise analytics tool that empowers customers to make good decisions and transform the way you regulate the business. It provides predictive and advanced analytics for business improvement.

logo of micro strategy

Features of IntellectFaces MicroStrategy BI:

  • Business Intelligence.
  • Big Data Solutions.
  • Real-Time WYSIWYG report design.
  • Enterprise Reporting.
  • Predictive and Advanced Analytics.
  • User-friendly Dashboard.
  • Software as a Service.
  • Extra-ordinary scorecards.

Other best Business Intelligence tools offered by Intellectfaces includes BOARD, Pentaho, Jaspersoft, Qlikview, BIRT, IBM Cognos Analytics, Dundas BI, Style Intelligence, Birst, Netlink, ClicData, Profitbase BI, Exago, Halo, Rapid Insight Analytics, Alteryx, Splunk, Oracle Bi Standard Edition one, and more.

How Can IntellectFaces Help You?

Most of the Data Analysts are making use of the Business Analytic tools due to its flexibility. IntellectFaces, a leading IT and Data Analytics company handles business intelligence tools efficiently. IntellectFaces has brought up this comparison of BI tools to help enterprises make use of them in their sales trends, overall growth, and customer behavior.

We help our customers develop a BI strategy, ensure data quality, design or optimize BI architecture and automate reporting to satisfy our customers’ needs in informed decision-making and maximize the ROI of a BI project. We not only develop a BI solution but also make sure that it runs as intended. For this reason, we deliver a data warehouse, ETL testing, load, and performance testing as well.