What Are The Two Inseparable Pillars In Digital Transformation

We all know that digital transformation has become the most important and essential development for all business from small business to the enterprise. According to a recent Gartner study, CIOs reported that their spend on digital transformation would increase from 18 to 28 percent by 2018. Top performing organizations were already spending 34 percent of their IT budget but expected that figure to rise to 44 percent by 2018.

For a successful digital transformation, it is essential to adapt to the technologies such as Cloud and DevOps.

DevOps For Beginners

DevOps is the short form derived from the two words development and operations, As the name says DevOps is software engineering practice which aims at merging software development (Dev) and software operation (Ops).

DevOps will help in the development and operations team work together with the maximum productivity and is capable of responding to the change of requirements more flexible.

What Are The Two Inseparable Pillars In Digital Transformation

DevOps and Cloud

It is to be understood that if a company wants to increase their competitiveness in today’s swiftly changing world, they can’t ignore digital transformation. DevOps and cloud computing are recognized as compelling ways in which companies can achieve this needed transformation.

The relationship between the DevOps and Cloud is often confusing, here DevOps is about the process and improvement of process whereas cloud computing is about technology and services. It is important to understand how the cloud and DevOps work together to help the businesses in achieving their transformation goals.

The Inseparability For Essential Transformation

Cloud computing and DevOps are interlocking parts of a strategy for transforming IT into a business adaptability enabler. If cloud is a guitar, then DevOps is the musician that plays it.

Cloud and DevOps together can help IT shift its emphasis from the questions like “how long?” to “how often can we deliver new functionality?” or “how quickly can we deploy a new service?”

What Are The Two Inseparable Pillars In Digital Transformation

DevOps Transformation

DevOps adoption is so important to the digital transformation journey. By breaking down walls between development and operations, DevOps enables software to be developed in shorter cycles and deployed into production faster.

DevOps also challenges strong traditions on how organizations communicate and operate. Utilizing the DevOps approach will also alter areas including code management, configuration management, and processes.

Code Management – DevOps implores developers to perform rapid integration testing regularly to reduce errors and speed the time to launch.

Rapid Processes – Frequent feedback loops are a key benefit of employing DevOps. When software developers are encouraged to quickly produce a minimal viable product, testing happens sooner and important feedback is sent back to the developers. Using the DevOps development approach, bug fixes happen quicker, features and changes are added, and new versions can be rolled out faster than ever before.

Cloud Transformation

According to Gartner, organizations save an average of 14% through cloud migration. Gartner also found that rapid IT and business transformation are major incentives for enterprises migrating to the crowd. Therefore, moving to the cloud is essential to digital transformation.

By adopting the right approaches to the technology and bringing fresh thinking to organizational factors, Companies can achieve great results by marrying two of today’s mega-trends: the cloud and digital transformation.